AJK Bill Online Check Electricity Barkiyat bill Duplicate April 2024

Check your ajk bill online to pay the electricity AJk Barkiyat bill. You can download & print a duplicate copy of the AJK electricity bill. This online bill check web portal helps you to check your bills online. To Check your bill online Enter your reference number below.

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AJK Bill Online Check:

On this web portal, you can Check Your AJK Electricity Bill Online Fast and Easy way. Electricity and power is an essential part of our lives, and it’s important to keep track of our usage to avoid any unexpected bills. In Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), the online bill-checking electricity bill system has become incredibly convenient.

AJK Electricity Department has introduced an online system to check ajk bill online for its customers with the help of Power Information Technology Company, allowing them to check their electricity bills without any hassle.

 By eliminating the need to visit physical offices or banks for bill payments, mybill.pk offers convenience like never before in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), and residents can now enjoy the ease and efficiency of paying their bills online. To get an AJK bill online you only need an 18-digit reference number. when you enter the 18-digit reference number below the dialog box your bill will be on your screen. 

About AJK Barkiyat bill Online:

AJK Online Bill is a digital platform that allows residents of Azad Jammu & Kashmir to check and pay their electricity bills online. The department has successfully ensured access to electricity to nearly 93 percent of AJK with a power requirement of up to 4000 MW.

Currently, the Pakistani government is working on setting up an independent distribution company (DISCO) to exclusively supply AJK with products in line with the rest of Pakistan.

AJK Bill Online Check Electricity Barkiyat bill Duplicate

What is a Reference Number? How can I get it?

When a customer applies for an electricity connection, the electricity department assigns a unique number called a connection reference number. The reference number contains the complete history of this connection. You need this reference number to check your ajk bill online.

How do I get a reference number?

Your reference number will also be printed on your monthly electricity bill to verify your connection history and bill payments. A sample reference number of a bill is highlighted in the picture below.

AJk Duplicaate Bill Sample:

Here is a sample copy of a duplicate AJK bill of electricity.

AJK Bill Online Sample Check Electricity Barkiyat bill

You can see the reference number or customer ID printed just above the name of the connection owner on the bill. You can see the image below to see where it prints. Enter this reference number to view your monthly electricity bill for free from mybill.pk.

How to check AJK bill Online?

By following these steps, AJK Electricity Department customers can check their bills online using their reference number. Here are the steps to check a copy of your AJK bill online invoice.

  • Write my bill.pk in your browser and click on search
  • Now select AJK bill from the navigation bar and enter into the AJK blog scroll down a little bit, and you will find a check my AJK bill box.
  • Enter the reference no of your bill and click on the checkbox.

In this way, you can check your AJK bill. There will be an option to download your bill by clicking on the download button. Your download will be started after you can print your AJK bill online.

AJK Bill Information:

mybill.pk offers a convenient way to access information about your bills. AJKED charges its client monthly on the base of units consumed along with distribution and conservation costs. On the due date, you have to pay your electricity bill, and if you don’t pay your bill on the due date you’re charged for late payment. To avoid a late payment cargo check your bill online and pay it through any channel.

Check AJK Duplicate Bill:

Yes, you can check the AJK bill from this website. If your bill is lost or any other issue you can regenerate your AJK bill by entering your reference number. It doesn’t matter where you are from or when you check AJK duplicate bills. you can check it from this website and download it.

you can also check your previous bill history by entering your reference number.  It is so simple to check. 

Take your recent bill, copy your reference number (56784…), and go to our AJK electricity page, where you can find the search bar past your reference number (56784…). Press enter, and your bill is on your screen. On the recent bill, your last six-month bill will also be available. 

How To Pay AJK Electricity Bill Online?

To provide hassle-free services, customers of AJK electricity department can pay bills online payments through the following payment channels:

  • Easypaisa
  • JAzzcash
  • Internet Banking
  • Bank Apps

How to pay AJK bills via Easypaisa?

If you want to pay your AJK bill online via Easypaisa App, below are some of the steps

bill payment through easypaisa
  • Install Easypaisa mobile app
  • In the bill payment option, select electricity
  • Select AJK as an electricity company.
  • Enter your 18-digit reference number.
  • Enter your PIN.
  • And the bill will be paid finally.

How to Pay AJK Bill Online via Jazzcash?

Below are some steps to pay your AJK bill online via JazzCash.

  • Open your JazzCash mobile app
  • Select bill payment from the main menu.
  • Select electricity
  • Select AJK
  • Enter your reference  number
  • Enter your pin.
  • Click on pay.
  • Your bill will be paid finally.

How do you Pay AJK Bill via the HBL app?

To pay Barkiyat AJK online bill you have to follow the steps.

  • Paying bills via the HBL app is the most convenient and easy method. Download the HBL app on your smartphone if you still need to download it.
  • Login to your HBL app by entering OTP.
  • Go to the main menu and select the pay bill option.
  • Select electricity
  • Select AJK
  • Enter the credentials of your bill
  • Click on confirm.
  • Enter your password for the mobile app.
  • You will receive a receipt after paying your bill.

New Connection or Transfer Procedure:

In the event that you have acquired a new property where the AJK connection was previously registered under the name of the previous owner, and you desire to change the name on the billing account, you will be required to follow the same protocol as that for a new connection.

To initiate the name alteration or correction, you may visit the nearest AJK office and submit an application.

New Connection

Gather the necessary documents: You must bring a copy of your CNIC (national identity card) and ownership papers for the place where you live.

Fill out the application form: You will need to fill out an application form for a new connection, which can typically be obtained from the AJKED office.

Apply: You must submit the application form and necessary documents by visiting the AJK office.

Pay security fee: If your application is approved, you will need to pay a security fee as a deposit.

Inspection by the AJKED team: AJKED will send a team to inspect your home to ensure that it meets the requirements for a new connection.

Pay connection fee: Once the inspection is completed, you will need to pay a connection fee.

Meter installation: AJKED will install a new meter at your home after completing the above steps.

Regions of AJK Electricity Department:

AJK Electricity Department has divided the department into two regions to provide better services to Azad Jammu & Kashmir citizens. The chief engineer leads each region. These regions are:

  • Muzaffarabad Electricity Region
  • Mirpur Electricity Region

AJK Barkiyat Helpline/Contacts

If you are facing any issue regarding your bill or anything like that, you need the helpline number of AJKED. You can also make a complaint by dialing this number.

Helpline                                                                              1912      
Toll-free Number                                                                         18001807666
Address                                9F5F+9RF, Muzafarabad, Azad Jammu and Kashmir


Is my payment information safe with AJK Online Bill?

Absolutely, the platform employs robust security measures.

How can I check my Azad Kashmir electricity bill online?

Visit mybill.pk to check your AJK electricity department bill online. Enter your reference number to check the bill amount and the due date of the AJK electricity bill.

How can I print my AJK electricity bill online?

Visit the website mybill.pk and enter your reference number to view the electricity bill. Click the download or print button to take print of the electricity bill.

Can I check the AJK bill online?

No, you must check your AJK bill by using a reference number instead of a name.

How to check AJK’s online bill’s last date?

The date by which payment is required for a bill is known as the due date. This date is commonly found on the top right corner of the bill, and it is essential to pay it before it to avoid additional charges


Through Ajk’s Barkiyat portal, customers can check their electricity bills online.  customers can view their bills, make payments, and contact the electricity department for any query. Customers can also pay their bills online through easy paisa, JazzCash, or Internet banking, which is a secure online payment gateway. With convenient online options, customers can check and pay their electricity bills in a hassle-free environment.

This article will answer your queries like How can I check my AJK electricity bill online? How to pay Ajk’s electricity bill online?  what is Ajk Barkiyat’s contact number, how to get Ajk’s duplicate? And Ajk electricity department bill customer care number.