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You can download and print your Fesco bill online, and its a duplicate copy using the reference number. You can check your Fesco online bill, its due date, pending amount, and late charge fee for free by visiting our online bill check portal.

Fesco online Bill

Reference No:


Introduction About Fesco:

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company, commonly known as FESCO, is a publicly-owned utility company responsible for distributing electricity in the Faisalabad region of Pakistan. Founded in 1998, the company was established as part of the government’s effort to improve the electricity sector and provide better customer service.

FESCO operates under the oversight of the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority and strives to provide safe, reliable, and cost-effective electricity to its customers.

The company has invested in modernizing its infrastructure, enhancing its distribution network, and utilizing new technologies to improve the quality of service and minimize technical losses. It continues to play a vital role in meeting the growing energy demands in the Faisalabad area.



Inorder to check your fesco bill online go to Go to FESCO in the navigation bar. Scroll down a little bit, and you will see a check box where you can enter your reference number or consumer id to view your Fesco bill. Enter your 14-digit reference number mentioned on your Fesco bill in the box mentioned below.


To calculate your Fesco bill, you must know how many units you have consumed and the unit rate. Also, keep in mind that unit rates are different at peak hours. In the end, you will have to add fuel price tax, electric duty, etc, to calculate your total bill.


A Fesco bill contains the following information.

Fesco Bill Sample:

Check Fesco ONLINE bill sample

Electric Duty

These are the charges which are included in the bill besides electricity consumption. These charges include taxes such as sales tax, utility fees, and regulatory fees.

Reading Date

The reading date on the bill means that your current bill was charged from this date.

Issue Date

It is the date on which the bill was issued.

Due Date

It is the date till which we have to submit the bill

Consumer ID

It is 10 digit ID that can be used to view a user’s bill. It is unique for every user.

Reference No

It is 15 digits unique number. It is also used to check bills.


It means the number of units consumed in the current month.

Previous Reading

It is the meter reading at the end of the previous month.

Present Reading

It is the meter reading at the end of the current month’s bill.


A tariff in a FESCO electricity bill is a fee for the provision of electricity to customers based on factors like usage, time, and customer classification. The purpose of the tariff is to cover expenses and promote fairness in electricity provision.


The GST in a FESCO electricity bill is a government-imposed tax on electricity supply. The current rate is 17%, and the revenue is used for public services and infrastructure projects.

FC Surcharge

The Financing Cost Surcharge in a FESCO electricity bill is a fee to cover borrowing costs for electricity infrastructure. This fee is added to the bill to help the company maintain financial stability while providing affordable electricity.

Connection Date

It means at which date your connection was initialized.

Bill Month

It means, what is the billing month of your fesco bill?


There are many ways to pay your Fesco bill. Some of them are listed below.

  • Through Easypaisa, JazzCash
  • Through bank apps
  • Going to the nearest bank
  • Going to the nearest Ubl Omni shop etc


bill pay easypaisa 1

Below are some steps to pay your Fesco bill online through Easypaisa.

  • Download the Easypaisa app if you do not have one.
  • Open your app and go to bills payment.
  • Select electricity from bills and then select FESCO
  • Enter your reference number on the bill
  • Click to proceed next.
  • Enter the bill amount.
  • Enter your PIN at last to confirm.



how to pay bill online through jazzcash

Please follow the steps below if you want to pay your Fesco bill online through JazzCash.

  • Dial *786# on your mobile
  • Select pay bills
  • Select electricity in the type of bill
  • Select Fesco
  • Scan the barcode on your bill
  • Enter Mpin to confirm your bill

Similarly, we can use the HBL app and other bank apps to pay our bills.

How to check if my Fesco bill is paid or not?

  • Subscribe to the sms alert of Fesco.
  • You will receive notifications of your Fesco bill, which will keep you updated on the status of the Fesco bill.

Another option is to use the helpline and ask for your bill’s current status.

How can I get my Fesco bill adjusted?

You can apply for bill correction or adjustment if you believe you have been charged an incorrect bill.

  • Contact customer support and explain your situation to them your issue. They will guide you and show you a path on how you can proceed with your application.
  • You have to provide proof such as meter reading etc which can support your argument.
  • Fesco will verify, and if your claim is legit, your bill will be adjusted.

How do I get my Fesco bill by consumer id?

You can get your Fesco bill online with the help of your consumer id.

  • Go to the Fesco section on our homepage
  • Enter your consumer id
  • You can get to your Fesco bill by providing your consumer id.

What are Fesco bill unit rates?

The unit rates are not fixed. At peak hours, unit rates are different. Similarly, commercial and residential users have different unit rates.

People who consume over 300 units have higher unit rates, so it depends upon the usage of a person.

What is the Fesco detection bill?

A detection bill is issued to someone who has been using electricity without paying the bill. This can be due to many reasons. Some of them are listed below.

  • You are bypassing your meter.
  • meter tampering

The detection bill includes all the previous unpaid charges, including the fine and penalty.

How to apply for a Fesco bill extension?

If you cannot pay your Fesco bill on time, you can apply for a Fesco bill extension. You have to contact a customer service representative and tell them about your financial situation. They will guide you through the whole process of how you can apply for a Fesco bill extension.

What is the fuel price adjustment in the Fesco bill?

Fuel price adjustment is the fee added to our bills to cover the cost of generating electricity. Fesco purchases electricity from a powerplant and they have to pay for the charges due to which fuel price tax is added to our bill. The fuel price tax is not fixed and varies because it depends on oil, coal, and gas costs.


How can we get a duplicate of the Fesco bill online?

Enter your reference number of the fesco bill in the bill checking part at the top of this blog. You will get the duplicate bill of fesco.

Can you pay your Fesco bill in instalments?

You cannot pay your fesco bill in instalments. For more information, you have to contact the customer support service of fesco to inquire more about your issue.

What is the Fesco bill complaint number?

Following is the complaint number of fesco. +92- 41- 9220184.

How do I get my old Fesco bill online?

You have to contact fesco customer support or visit the office to get your old fesco bill.

How to pay my Fesco bill online?

You can pay your fesco bill online through JazzCash, Easypaisa, and bank apps.

How to check the Fesco bill reading date?

You can check the reading date at the top right corner of your fesco bill.

How to search Fesco bill by cnic or name?

You cannot search your fesco bill by cnic or name. The only method is to use a reference or consumer id.

What are the Fesco bill tariff rates?

The tariff rates of the fesco bill are different for commercial, industrial, and commercial users.

Can we make a Fesco bill payment through a credit card?

No, you cannot pay your fesco bill through your credit card.

How to check a Fesco bill without a reference number?

You can use your consumer id instead of your reference number to check your fesco bill online.

Can we check the Fesco bill with the old reference number?

To check your fesco bill, you must use the current reference number.

How to apply for Fesco bill correction?

You can contact Fesco customer service or visit the Fesco office directly to apply for bill correction. Make sure to carry with you some proof of wrong meter readings etc.

How to check Fesco bill history?

You can contact customer support. Alternatively, you can subscribe to sms alert to check your Fesco bill history.

What is a Fesco bill generator?

It is a tool used by Fesco to generate bills for its customers. Various factors are considered, such as user energy consumption, tax charges, etc.

How to change the name on the Fesco bill?

You have to contact customer service or visit a nearby Fesco office to change the name on your Fesco bill. You also have to bring some documents to prove to the Fesco office.


This blog covers the steps to check, download and pay Fesco bill online. We welcome your feedback and would love to hear from you. If you have any queries or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

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