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Want to check your Iesco online bill? Here we will help you to check your electricity bill online for free from this step-by-step guide by entering the reference number of the electricity bill in the reference field.

iesco bill online

Reference No:

Recently a few years back, if we lost our Iesco electricity bill, we had to go back to the electricity office to get the print. It was very frustrating for everyone as we had to travel from our homes to get a copy of the electricity bill.

Don’t worry; you will not have to repeat the procedure above as you can download your Iesco bill online by entering 14 digits of the reference number on your electricity bill.

Check Your IESCO Bill Online:


In Countries like Pakistan, there is no guarantee that you will receive your bill on time. In these situations, if you don’t go to the office and print the bill again from them, there is a huge possibility that you will pay a fine next month.

If you don’t receive a bill for 2 months, they will cut off your electricity supply, and you will be left stranded, and it is not easy to get back the connection. You don’t have to worry anymore if you didn’t receive the bill or lost it. You can go to your mobile browser and print the bill by accessing our site.


Iesco History:

WAPDA has a division called Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) to administer the obligations and duties of the Islamabad region, established in 1998. if you are an IESCO user seeking a duplicate online bill, you have landed in the right place.

Iesco, which stands for Islamabad electric supply company, is an electricity company that was established in 1998. Its main responsibility is to supply electricity to people residing in Attock to Jhelum. IESCO directly provides electricity to a huge number of 2.8 million people in Pakistan.

You can check your iesco bill online for homes, shops, industry, etc. If you are looking for the latest bill for the current month, you must go online to Bill Check. You can also check your previous month’s iesco bills, and how many units you consumed each month in the last year can be found There.

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If you cannot find your reference number, don’t worry. Find any previous iesco bills and check for 14 digit reference number on them. If you still face difficulty finding it, just look at the screenshot below. The highlighted box has a reference number. Here is how you can find your Reference number on your iesco bill Duplicate Copy.

Iesco Bill Online Details:

Below are some of the details of the iesco bill online.



Using our online duplicate bill service, you can view, print again, and download an exact copy of your iesco bill in image or PDF format. You can view one or more statements individually by entering each meter reference number. You have to visit Online electricity bills to print your invoice.

Even on the official website where you may download your bill. Our online Bill Check portal offers a better user interface and works with all portable devices and smartphones making it easier for you to check your invoices.

Understanding Iesco Bill Online

Here I’m explaining the details of the iesco bill below. After reading the article, you will be able to know each of the technical terms in the iesco bill.

Connection Date:

it is the date when you registered yourself for the iesco electricity connection.

Reference Number:

The reference number is unique for all users. It differentiates between multiple users. It is 14 digits, and by using this reference number, you can download your bill.

Consumer ID:

Consumer id can be used to check user bills. If you lost your reference number, you could use your 10-digit consumer id to view your account. Consumer id is at the top of the reference number on the iesco bill.


The reading date, issue date, and due date are at the top of your iesco bill.
The dates indicate the reading date of your electricity meter means when the iesco agent noted the reading of your meter, the issue date means when the bill was issued, and the due date means the deadline for payment of your account.

E.D.: (Electricity Duty)

When we look at our iesco bill, we see a term called E.D., but we ignore it. What exactly is E.D.? It is a service tax that which state government charges from us. Electricity duty can be calculated as below. It equals 1.5 percent of the units consumed in your iesco bill.


If you have a television at your home, you will be charged a T.V. fee on your bill. If you have one T.V., then the price cut will be rupees 35. If you have 2 T.V., then their price will double to 70. The price will increase depending on the no of televisions you use.


GST, also called general sales tax, is 17% of the total bill. GST is calculated by adding electricity duty and variable charges. Below is the formula to calculate GST.

GST = (Electricity Duty + FC SURCHARGE +Variable charges)*0.17


If you consume over 1000 units in your home, then an income tax will be applied to you. If you are a commercial user, paying income tax is mandatory.

Sales Tax

You will pay the sales tax if you are a commercial or industrial user. Sales tax does not apply to domestic users.


FPA is also known as the “fuel price adjustment tax.” This tax is given to the companies that generate electricity from oil. The FPA price varies as fuel prices go up and down. FPA depends heavily on fuel prices in the country.

QTR Tariff Adj

QTR stands for “quarterly tariff adjustment.” It applies mainly to commercial users on every unit consumed, and if domestic users consume over 300 units, it also applies to them. It is used every three months.

T.R. Surcharge

Tariff Rationalization surcharge is equal to the difference between NEPRA and GOP tariff. GOP will pay you a subsidy if the difference is positive. If the difference is negative, the electricity distribution company will pay the amount to GOP.

F.C. Surcharge

It is charged 0.43 paisa per unit to pay the debt. In other words, it means to collect revenue from customers.

Deferred Amount

It is the disputed amount—the dispute between the user and the billing authority. E.g., if the billing authority sends the wrong bill, it is put under the disputed amount. The amount is left in the deferred account until the issue is resolved.


Adjustment in the iesco bill means some changes in the statement made by the authority. If you were charged the wrong account in the previous month and made an appeal to correct the bill, your amount will be adjusted in the next month’s bill.

How to reduce your iesco bill online?

We all know that the prices of electricity are increasing day by day. We are facing a shortage of electricity. The electricity unit prices are also growing daily, so for an intermediary, it is tough to pay the bill in such a situation. We need to save electricity. Below are some of the steps we can take to save electricity.

  • First, check which devices in your home are consuming more electricity.
  • If you are using an old television in your home, replace it with an LED. An LED TV consumes less electricity.
  • Use energy savers instead of old bulbs that consume high volts of electricity.
  • Buy an inverter fridge to save energy. If you don’t have an inverter refrigerator, keep your fridge’s thermostat low to save energy.
  • If you use an air conditioner in your home, replace it with an inverter A.C. It will result in energy savings and reduce your electricity bill.
  • Use energy-saving iron to save electricity.
  • If you are not using electricity in your room, please turn off the lights.
  • Don’t keep your electronic devices in standby or sleep mode. They still consume electricity in these modes.
  • Try to minimize the use of electrical appliances where applicable; e.g., you can dry your clothes in sunlight instead of a spinner.
  • While using the Air conditioner, keep the door and windows of the room closed. Keep the temperature of the A.C. to 26 degrees.
  • Try to use sunlight and turn off lights during the daytime to save electricity.
  • Do not use iron and heavy electricity-consuming appliances in peak hours.
  • Keep the room’s windows open, so you don’t need to turn the air conditioning on.
  • Try to wear clothes according to the weather. In winter, wear warm clothes. This way, you will not need to use an electric heater.
  • Unplug all the devices when you are not using them.
  • Use good quality wires in your home. They will not leak electricity and will save your bill.
  • If you are using an air conditioner, then try replacing the air filters every month.

So if you follow the above guidelines, you can reduce your Iesco bill online.


Iesco Aim:

Iesco’s objective is to generate and supply cheap electricity to the end users to meet their needs. This electricity will help people fulfill their needs e.g. we can use it in factories to run machines. A lot of labor wages depend on it. Similarly, it can also run household appliances such as Air conditioners, televisions, washing machines, etc.

Iesco also aims to provide good quality customer service to its clients, which includes listening to customers’ complaints, responding to their phone calls, and solving issues on an urgent basis. An IESCO company’s primary aim is to meet the energy requirements of its clients while offering a high standard of service and help.

How can I pay my iesco bill online?

You can pay your iesco bill online in 5 simple steps:

  • Dial *786# from your smartphone and select pay Utility Bills.
  • Select your utility Bill electricity bill, gas, or telephone bill.
  • Choose the company for the electricity bill.
  • Enter the reference number of your bill.
  • In the end, enter your MPIN number to pay the bill.
JazzCash App Online Bill Payment

If you have the Jazz Cash app, you can easily pay your iesco bill. If you have a smartphone, then you can pay your bill via your phone. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can go to a nearby jazz cash retailer shop and pay your bill there. The retailer will charge a small fee to you, but it is worth it as you will not waste your time standing in long queues.

Alternative options

Alternatively, you can pay your iesco bill online using the HBL or other bank apps. Below is a list of banks that have the facility of apps, and you can pay your iesco bill online by downloading the app.

  • Meezan Bank
  • Muslim Commerical Bank
  • Habib Bank Limited
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Askari Bank
  • Allied Bank
  • Bank Al Falah
  • Faysal Bank
  • Summit Bank Limited
  • United bank Limited
  • Soneri Bank
  • Easy Paisa
  • Jazz Cash

All the bank mentioned above apps is available on android. However, some of the apps are not available on iPhones. All these apps can be used to pay your iesco bill online.

Areas Covered by Iesco


  • Islamabad Division 2
  • Barakah Division 
    • Islamabad Division 1


  • Rawat Division
  • City Division 
  • Cantt Division (Rawalpindi) 
  • Satellite Town Division 
  • Westridge Division 
  • Tariqabad Division


  • Taxila Division
  • Pindigheb Division
  • Attock Division


  • Jhelum Division 1
  • Jhelum Division 2
  • Gujar Khan Division


  • Chakwal Division
  • Talagang Division
  • Dhudial Division
  • Pind Dadan Khan Division

Frequently Asked Questions About Iesco Online Bills:

How can I check my iesco bill online?

You can check your iesco bill online by going to Scroll a little bit down and enter your 14-digit reference number in the check your bill box. You will check your iesco bill there.

Can I get my iesco bill online via email?

Yes, you can share with us your reference number and your email. We will share with you your iesco bill every month in your email.

How can I calculate my iesco bill online?

It is very easy to calculate your iesco bill online. You have to put your units consumed, and you will get the resultant bill.

How can I check the iesco bill online by meter number?

You can only check your iesco bill by entering your reference id in the bill. There is no way to check your bill online by using the meter number.

How can I check my iesco bill online by name or address?

You can only check your iesco bill online by entering your consumer id or reference number; otherwise, there is no option of checking your bill by name or address.

How can I get my previous month’s bill?

If you lost your bill, you could get your duplicate bill here.

What are the peak hours of iesco?

The peak hours of iesco are from 7 pm to 11 pm.

How can I apply for a new connection with iesco?

For a new connection, you have to fill out and submit a form named application and agreement to the iesco office.

How can I change the consumer name in the iesco bill?

You will have to visit the iesco office nearby and request to change the consumer name. You will need to fill and submit the same form named application and agreement.

How can I check my iesco bill by Cnic?

You cannot check your iesco bill online by CNIC. The only way is to use your consumer id or reference number to check your bill.

What consequences a person may face if he is caught stealing electricity?

If a person is caught stealing electricity, he will be imprisoned for 3 to 7 years or a fine ranging from 10 lakhs to 1 crore PKR.

How can I register a complaint against iesco?

You can register a complaint against iesco on the number mentioned below. This is the WhatsApp number of the CEO of iesco. Before registering a complaint, ensure you have enough proof; otherwise, iesco can take serious action against you. 0305-8880815

How to contact the iesco helpline?

You can contact the iesco helpline at the following landline number 051-9252937.


This is how you could check your iesco bill online, a duplicate copy of your bill, and a detailed discussion about new iesco connections, bill details, Wapda bill taxes, and bill payment details.

For any query or assistance, you can comment below. We will be pleased to hear from you & get back to you. Just stay connected for the latest updated content regarding bill payments.

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