The Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) bill estimator is an innovative online resource for the company’s customers to determine the amount of their monthly electricity bill. This calculator enables users to enter their energy usage information. Based on this, it estimates its bill, encompassing different components like energy charges, fixed charges, and taxes.

This bill calculator provides an effortless and user-friendly approach for customers to understand their energy consumption and related expenses. Regardless of whether being a residential or commercial customer, the LESCO bill estimator is a beneficial tool to manage electricity costs and keep track of energy usage.

How To Calculate Lesco Bill?

To calculate your Lesco bill, you need to determine your electricity consumption in units (kWh). You can do this by reading your electric meter and subtracting the previous month’s reading from the current month’s reading. The difference between the two readings gives you the number of units you have consumed during the billing period.

Once you know the number of units you have consumed, you need to check the Lesco tariff rates to know the applicable rate per unit for your usage level. The tariff rates vary based on the number of units consumed, and the more units you consume, the higher the rate per unit.

Next, you need to multiply the number of units consumed by the applicable tariff rate per unit to calculate the energy charges. For example, if the applicable tariff rate is Rs. 20 per unit, and you have consumed 200 units, then your energy charges would be Rs. 4,000 (200 units x Rs. 20 per unit).

In addition to energy charges, your Lesco bill may also include fixed charges, taxes, and other fees as applicable. These charges are added to the energy charges to calculate the total bill amount.

Lesco Tariff Rates

Lesco tariff rates are the rates at which electricity is charged to consumers based on their level of consumption. The tariff rates are set by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) and are revised from time to time based on various factors, such as the cost of production, distribution, and transmission of electricity.

The Lesco tariff rates vary based on the number of units consumed, and the more units you consume, the higher the rate per unit. The current Lesco tariff rates for domestic consumers in Lahore are:

Number of unitsPrice
1-100Rs 9.42
100-200Rs 11.74
201-300Rs 13.83
301-400Rs 21.23
401-700Rs 21.23
700+Rs 24.33


The Lesco bill calculator is a valuable and practical tool that allows consumers to estimate their electricity bills with ease and precision. It eliminates the need for complex and tedious calculations, ensuring that consumers are charged accurately based on their energy usage. The calculator considers various factors such as the applicable Lesco tariff rates, fixed charges, and taxes, according to the consumption level of the user.

By doing so, it provides a clear and concise estimate of the bill amount, thus enabling consumers to plan their electricity consumption more efficiently. The Lesco bill calculator is readily available online and via the Lesco mobile application, facilitating easy access for consumers. Overall, the Lesco bill calculator is an effective and practical solution that enables Lesco consumers to better manage their energy consumption while ensuring that they are billed correctly.

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