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You can view your Pesco bill online at You can easily view and download your Pesco bill on this website. All you need to do is to enter your 14-digit reference id in the Pesco bill-checking portion.

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Peshawar electric supply company, known as Pesco, is a company that the government of Pakistan owns. It provides electricity in Peshawar. Following is the list of Pesco circles.

  • Swat circle
  • Swabi circle
  • Bannu circle
  • Hazara circle 1
  • Hazara circle 2
  • Khyber circle
  • Mardan circle
  • Peshawar circle

Pesco provides electricity in the above provinces. It is subdivided into several circles, divisions, and sub-divisions for the better management and distribution of electricity. Each division is headed by an Executive Engineer responsible for operating and maintaining the distribution system in the area under his jurisdiction.

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PESCO (Peshawar Electricity Supply Company) is a privatized power distribution company located in the Peshawar district of Pakistan that serves over 2.6 million customers in urban areas.


To check your Pesco bill online, please enter your reference id in the box below and click on check bill.


If you have lost your Pesco bill or didn’t receive it, you can go to Select Pesco and then scroll down and open your bill in the bill checking portion by entering the information. You will see your bill and can download your duplicate bill.


You can calculate your Pesco bill online in the following way

  • Calculate how many units you have used in one month
  • Check the tax rates in your region
  • Multiply the no of units consumed by the unit rate
  • Multiply tax charges per unit by the units consumed
  • Add both of them

This is an approximate calculation of the Pesco bill.


You can pay your Pesco bill online by

  • Easypaisa
  • JazzCash
  • Through bank apps

How to pay Pesco bill online via Easypaisa?

bill payment through easypaisa 1
  • Download your Easypaisa app.
  • Log in to the app.
  • Click on pay bills.
  • Select bill type
  • Click on electricity
  • Select on Pesco
  • Enter your reference number
  • Click on Pay bill
  • Your bill will be paid

How to pay Pesco bill online via JazzCash?

Below is a process to pay your Pesco bill through JazzCash.

  • Enter *786# on your mobile phone.
  • Select pay bills
  • Select the type of bills
  • Select electricity
  • Then select Pesco
  • Scan the barcode on your bill
  • You can also enter the reference number.
  • Enter your PIN to pay our bill.
pay electricity bill online with jazzcash

How to pay Pesco bill via the HBL app?

You can pay your Pesco bill online via the HBL app.

  • Open your hbl app
  • If you don’t have an app, download it
  • Login to your app
  • Click on bill payment
  • Select electricity on the type of bill
  • Select Pesco
  • Enter consumer number
  • Verify details
  • Click next
  • enter OTP and tap on pay


Pesco Bill Sample:

pesco bill online sample

Can I pay my Pesco bill in installments?

People who cannot pay their Pesco bills at once can pay them in installments. You have to contact Pesco customer service and request that you want to enroll yourself in an installment plan. Give them some proof, such as your earning certificate.

If your application is approved, you will be shared with an installment plan in which your bill will be divided into several portions.

Failing to pay bills in these installments will result in the disconnection of electricity.

What is Pesco bill relief?

Pesco provides bill relief to the following persons

  • People who are not earning much.
  • People who use fewer units will be charged less amount per unit.
  • People residing in Kashmir will be charged electricity at low rates.

What are the Pesco bill unit rates?

The unit rates of the Pesco depend on electricity usage by consumers. The unit rates are different for commercial and industrial users.

The unit rates are low for the first 100 units of electricity consumed. The rates are high for 300 or more units of electricity consumed.

Commercial users will be charged electricity at higher rates than residential users.

How to register for Pesco bill sms or email service?

To register your Pesco bill sms or email service, go to the following website link. You have to fill in some information, such as

  • your full name
  • your reference number
  • your CNIC
  • your mobile number
  • your email
  • click on submit

What are Pesco bill peak hours?

In Peak hours, the electricity rates are high. Like any other company, Pesco also has peak hours. Using less electricity in peak hours is advisable to reduce your charges.

  • From December to February, peak hours are from 5 pm to 9 pm.
  • From March, May peak hours are from 6 pm to 10 pm.
  • From June to august, peak hours are from 7 pm to 11 pm
  • From September to November, peak hours are from 6 pm to 10 pm

TR Surcharge in Pesco bill?

It is a transmission charge. Electricity reaches our home via transmission lines, so Pesco also takes transmission lines charges from users and is included in the monthly bill.

QTR Tariff Adj in Pesco bill?

Quarterly Tariff review tariff adjustment in Pesco bills means that electricity per unit price rates is changed after some interval. These rates depend upon the cost of electricity production, and we know that we produce some of our electricity from fuel, coal, and gas, so the prices of these items fluctuate as tax charges.

What are income tax and sales tax in the Pesco bill?

Income tax applies to all commercial and domestic users who consume more than 1000 units. Sales tax is applied only to commercial users of electricity.

GST in Pesco bill?

17% General sales tax is applied on the Pesco bills online. This amount is added to your bill’s final amount.

TV fee in Pesco bill?

A tv fee of pkr35 is added to the Pesco bill. This fee is multiplied if you have many televisions.

What is the deferred amount in the Pesco bill?

The deferred amount is written on the bill of the user. If the user has not paid bills for so many years, that amount compiles and becomes huge. This amount has to be paid by the user to the authority. Sometimes users do not pay bills within the required amount of time, so this amount is gathered and has to be paid by the user to the billing authority.

What is ED in the Pesco bill?

ED, also known as electricity duty, is a state government tax on electricity consumption. The electric duty tax rate depends on the state in which you live.

The income generated through electric duty tax is used for the state’s welfare and in healthcare, education, etc.

What is the fuel price adjustment in Pesco bill online?

Fuel price adjustment is a tax that electricity companies charge from users to give money to the electricity company which generates electricity from oil. The government orders FPA prices, and its rate fluctuates as fuel prices increase. FPA changes with international fuel prices.

What is the pesco bill adjustment?

If you think you have been charged the wrong bill, you can apply for a pesco bill adjustment. Contact customer service and tell them about your problem. You also must prove that you have been charged with the wrong bill. Pesco will review your application, and if your application is legit, your pesco bill will be adjusted.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pesco Online Bills:

How to print the Pesco bills online?

If you want to print a pesco bill, go to Go to pesco and enter the reference number to view your bill. Then download your bill and click on print.

How to check a pesco bill by cnic?

You cannot check your pesco bill with cnic.

How to check the pesco bill by meter number?

You cannot check your pesco bill by meter number.

How to check a pesco bill by reference number?

You can check your pesco bill with a reference number. Go to and select pesco. Scroll down and enter your reference number in a bill check box. Click enter.

How to check pesco bill by name

You cannot check your pesco bill online by name.

How to pay a pesco bill by credit card?

You cannot pay your pesco bill by credit card.

How do a pesco bill complain?

You can contact on below numbers to do the pesco online complaint.
Pesco WhatsApp : +92 (41) 9220184-9220229
UAN number: 080066554
Fax: +92 (41) 9220233

What is the pesco bill’s last date?

You can see the due date of the pesco bill on the top portion.

How can I change my name on the pesco bill?

If you want to change the name on the pesco bill, you have to contact the pesco helpline. Provide proof of your name change. Pesco will review your application, and if it is correct, the name will be changed on the pesco bill.

What is pesco bill detection?

Suppose your meter reading is slow, or you have been found guilty of tampering with electricity. In that case, pesco has detection policies for these people, including a heavy fine, imprisonment, and payment of all previous amounts in the bill.

What is the tariff in the pesco bill?

A tariff is a tax charged by the pesco on electricity or another service. Tariff increases with the usage of electricity.


In this blog, we discussed how we could check the Pesco bill online, the history of the Pesco, taxes on the Pesco bill, and finally, how we can pay the Pesco bill online.

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