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Sukkur Electric Power users can check their Sepco online bills from their smartphones for free by using this web portal. You can check your bill online by entering your 14-digit reference number in the box given below.

Sepco online bill

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Sepco History:

Sukkur Electric Power Company, also known as SEPCO, is an electricity distribution company based in Sukkur. Sukkur Electric Power Company (SEPCO) is a power distribution company operating in the Sukkur division of the province of Sindh, Pakistan.

It was created by splitting from the existing HESCO electricity distribution company. As a result, the areas previously managed by HESCO are now divided between the two companies.

It is responsible for distributing electricity to residential, commercial, and industrial consumers in its area of jurisdiction. SEPCO works to ensure reliable and efficient power supply to its customers.

SEPCO was established on 26th July 2010 and operated as an independent entity responsible for supplying electricity to customers in the region.


Areas covered by Sepco:

Below are the areas covered by Sepco.

  • Ghotki
  • Khairpur
  • Kandhkot/ Kashmore
  • Rahimyar Khan District
  • Jacobabad
  • Shikarpur
  • Larkana
  • Kamber / Shahdadkot
  • Dadu some area of Jamshoro District
  • Shaheed Benazirabad District


Enter your 14-digit reference number in the box above to check your Sepco bill.

How to check Sepco Bill Online?

You can check your Sepco bill in the following ways


You can pay your Sepco bill online in many ways, such as

  • EasyPaisa
  • JazzCash
  • Online banking

How to pay Sepco bills through Easypaisa?


Here are the steps to pay Sepco bill using the Easypaisa app:

  • Download the app from Playstore/Appstore
  • Open the app and select “Bill Payment.”
  • Choose “Electricity” as the bill type
  • Select Sepco as the electricity provider
  • Enter the reference number or scan it
  • Click on “Pay Now”

How to pay Sepco bill through JazzCash?

These are the steps to pay Sepco bill using the JazzCash app:

  • Download the app
  • Open the app and select “Pay Bill”
  • Choose “Electricity”
  • Select electricity company
  • Enter reference number
  • Enter MPIN
  • Confirm payment with a double tick

How to pay Sepco bill through the HBL app?

Here are the steps to pay Sepco bill using the HBL app:

  • Download the HBL app
  • Click on “Bill Payment”
  • Choose “Electricity” as the bill type
  • Select Sepco as a provider
  • Enter reference number
  • Click on “Next”
  • Enter OTP
  • Click on “Pay”
  • Payment complete.

How to pay Sepco bills through the UBL app?

These are the steps to pay Sepco electricity bill using the UBL app:

  • Download the UBL app
  • Open the app and click on “Bill Management.”
  • Click on “Add New Bills”
  • Choose “Utility Bills”
  • Select the electricity company
  • Enter reference number
  • Click on “Save”
  • Validate OTP
  • Go to “Bill Management”
  • Select the recently added bill
  • Click on “Pay”
  • Payment complete


You can calculate your Sepco bill by multiplying the units consumed by each unit’s price. This will be a rough estimation of your Sepco bill. After calculating your bill, you have to add all the taxes.


Sepco Bill Sample:

sepco bill online sample
Sepco Bill Sample:


In addition to electricity usage, electric bills often include various additional fees. These may include sales tax, utility fees, regulatory fees, and other costs such as transmission and distribution fees, meter charges, etc.

Issue Date:

Bill issue date refers to the date on which the electric bill was generated and sent to the customer.

Due Date:

The due date is the deadline for paying the electric bill; it is the date till which the bill must be paid to avoid any late payment fees.

Reading Date:

The reading date on an electric bill is when the utility company last read the meter to record the customer’s energy usage. This usage is then used to calculate the current bill amount.



Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA) is a fee added to SEPCO electricity bills to cover the cost of the fuel used for power generation, such as coal, oil, and gas. The FPA is not a fixed amount and may vary based on changes in fuel prices.

This fee helps SEPCO maintain reasonable prices for its customers while ensuring that it can generate and distribute electricity efficiently.

FC Surcharge:

A finance cost surcharge is an additional fee included in a customer’s utility bill, like an electricity bill from SEPCO, to cover the cost of financing infrastructure projects and upgrades. The purpose of this surcharge is to help the company, SEPCO, in this case, pay for the development or improvement of power plants, transmission lines, and other necessary infrastructure.

This fee is added to ensure that SEPCO can continue offering dependable and efficient customer service.

TR Surcharge:

The Tariff Rationalization (TR) surcharge is a fee added to a customer’s electricity bill by SEPCO, as per the regulations of NEPRA. The TR surcharge is designed to pay for the upgrades and maintenance of the electricity distribution network, especially in remote regions.

This surcharge helps SEPCO recover the costs of providing electricity to these areas and ensures a dependable and efficient distribution network for all customers.

Deferred Amount:

The deferred balance on a Sepco online bill refers to the unpaid portion the customer is obligated to pay. This amount is listed on the bill and must be settled by the customer to clear their outstanding balance.

In cases where a customer opts for a payment plan, the deferred balance represents the remaining amount they need to pay in full. This amount will be taken off of their bill upon payment.

QTR Tariff Adjustment:

The QTR, or Quarterly Tariff Adjustment, is a fee imposed on commercial customers based on their electricity consumption. This fee is also applied to domestic customers if they exceed a consumption threshold of 300 units in a quarter.

The QTR is charged every three months and is used to adjust the cost of electricity based on changes in generation, distribution, and other related expenses.

How to apply for a Sepco bill adjustment?

The steps to resolve an incorrect SEPCO bill are as follows:

  • Gathering necessary documents – The first step is to gather all the relevant information that can support your claims, such as previous bills, meter readings, and other supporting evidence.
  • Contacting customer service – Next, you need to visit or call SEPCO’s customer service and provide them with the proof you have collected. Review and investigation – The customer service representative will review your application and investigate your claim.
  • Adjustment of the bill – If your claim is legitimate, your bill will be adjusted to reflect the correct amount.
    Rejection of claim – If your claim is rejected, you will be informed of why and, if possible, advised on what steps you can take next.

How to check Sepco online bill by consumer id?

To view your SEPCO bill online by your consumer Id

  • Go to the Online electricity Bill check Portal.
  • Choose the SEPCO option in the navigation bar.
  • On the SEPCO page, you can enter your Consumer ID in the field provided.
  • The Consumer ID is used to identify your bill.
  • Once you have entered your Consumer ID, click the “Check SEPCO Bill” button.
  • If your Consumer ID is correct, your bill will be displayed on the screen.

How to check if the Sepco bill was paid or not?

To check the status of your Sepco bill, you can either use the SMS service provided by the company or contact their customer service. The SMS service will inform you about any updates or changes to your account, such as payments made and outstanding bills. If you prefer to speak with a customer service representative, you can contact them and inquire about the status of your bill.

How to apply for a new connection to Sepco?

The following steps should be taken to get a new electricity connection from SEPCO.

  • Gather required documents: You must bring a copy of your CNIC (national identity card) and proof of ownership of your place.
  • Complete the application: Obtain an application form for a new connection from the TESCO office and fill it out.
  • Submit the form: Visit the TESCO office to submit the completed application form and the necessary documents.
  • Pay security deposit: If your application is approved, you need to make a payment for the security deposit.
  • Inspection: TESCO will send a team to inspect your home to ensure it meets the required standards.
  • Pay connection fee: After the inspection, you must pay the connection fee.
  • Meter installation: TESCO will install a meter at your home once the above steps are completed.

What are the Sepco bill unit rates?

Below are Sepco bill unit rates.

  • If none of the units consumed are under 50, then Sepco users will be charged 2rupee for each unit.
  • If no units consumed are greater than 50 and less than 100, then Sepco users will be charged a 5.79rupee for each unit.
  • If no. units consumed are greater than 100 and less than 200, then Sepco users will be charged 8.11rupee for each unit.
  • If no of units consumed is greater than 200 and less than 300, then Sepco users will be charged 10.20 rupees for each unit.
  • If no of units consumed is greater than 300 and less than 700, then Sepco users will be charged 17.60 rupees for each unit.

What is the tariff in the Sepco bill?

A tariff refers to the charge for the usage of electricity. The amount customers pay for electricity consumption is determined by their tariff rate. The tariff rate may differ for residential, commercial, and industrial customers and increase with higher consumption levels.

In some cases, tariffs may also vary depending on the time of day, with higher rates during peak hours and lower rates during off-peak hours aimed at promoting energy conservation.

What is the Sepco detection bill policy?

Illegally tampering with electricity meters or stealing electricity is a serious offense that carries severe consequences. Utility companies, including SEPCO, take these actions very seriously and enforce strict policies to protect their customers and the electrical grid.

Those caught engaging in these illegal practices can face hefty fines, imprisonment, or both. It’s important to note that these actions break the law and pose significant dangers, including power disruptions and blackouts. To avoid these consequences, it’s best to follow the law and use electricity legally and safely.

What is Sepco bill demand notice?

If you apply for a new connection to Sepco, you must do the following steps.

  • Apply for a new connection to Sepco.
  • Sepco will send you a bill called a Demand Notice, which you will need to pay to proceed with the connection process.
  • Once you have paid the Demand Notice, Sepco will review your application to ensure that all necessary information and documentation have been provided.
  • If everything is in order, a Sepco representative will come to your location to install the necessary equipment and connect your electricity.

How does Sepco bill sms registration?

SEPCO offers an SMS notification service for its customers to keep them informed about their bills. By subscribing to this service, you will receive text messages about when your bill is ready online and when the payment deadline is approaching.

This is a convenient way to stay on top of your electricity bill and avoid penalties for late payment or disconnection. Contact SEPCO’s customer support for more information to take advantage of this service.

What are the peak hours of the Sepco?

During peak hours, when electricity demand is at its highest, the cost per unit of electricity is usually higher than during normal hours. This is due to the increased cost of generating and distributing electricity during these high-demand times. The peak hours of Sepco are below.

  • April to October 6 to 11 pm
  • November to March 5 to 9 pm

Can I check my Sepco bill by email?

SEPCO provides an email billing option for its customers. By subscribing to this service, you will receive your monthly electricity bill directly in your email. Provide SEPCO with your email address and bill reference number to sign up. This convenient option eliminates the need for paper bills and allows you to manage your account from your email.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sepco Bills:

How to check the Sepco bill by meter number?

To check your SEPCO bill online, you will require your reference number, not your meter number.

How to check the Sepco bill by name?

To access SEPCO’s online bill, you have to use the reference number on your bill instead of your name.

How to check the Sepco bill by CNIC number?

You can’t check your SEPCO bill using your CNIC number. The only way to view your bill online is by providing your reference number, which is listed on the bill.

How to pay the Sepco bill in installments?

To pay your Sepco bill in installments, contact the customer support service of Sepco.

How to check the Sepco bill’s last date?

The due date is a deadline for paying the bill; failing to pay by that can result in late fees or other penalties. You can find the due date at the top right corner of your Sepco bill.

How to check previous Sepco online bill?

You must contact the customer service department to obtain copies of your previous Sepco bills. This can be done by calling customer service or visiting a Sepco office. A customer service representative will then be able to assist you in retrieving your previous bills.

What is the Sepco complaint number?

You can register your complaint at the following number +92719310795

What are the working hours of Sepco?

SEPCO’s business hours are from Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm, with a two-hour interruption on Friday for Jummah prayers. The office is closed on Sundays, except for electric power supply emergencies that can be addressed during regular business hours.


In this blog, we discussed how you can check Sepco online bill. We discussed how we could check the Sepco bill, how we can download it, and how we can pay our Sepco bill.

If you are facing any issues regarding the bills or have any queries just put them down & we will reach out to you.

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